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V K Pallala

The driving force of viphil, Mr. Pallala holds a commerce degree from Osmania University. Fueled by a deep observation of economic issues, he embarked on a two-decade journey of logical reasoning. This exploration led him to develop a comprehensive understanding of economic problems, encompassing their nature, causes, consequences, and potential solutions. Through this extensive analysis, Mr. Pallala formulated a unique economic philosophy, which serves as the foundation for the viphil concept.


Concept of Economic Development System (EDS)The EDS is a technological marvel designed to manage every facet of society’s activities. It employs object-oriented programming, the theory of relative economic motion, the Equilibrium Production Method, total utility principles, and complete development methods to process all global resources efficiently.


At viphil , our vision is to foster a global paradigm shift where economic development system becomes the cornerstone of smart world societal progress.

We envision a smart world where UNO- which is know for world peace, All government for their good goverence, all fields or firms for their development and every individual for their standard living or life style  nations, organizations, and individuals unite to harness the power of economic growth, leading to international harmony, sustainable prosperity, and a higher quality of life for all.

Key Features of EDS

Exhaustive Resource Utilization: The EDS ensures the complete and optimal utilization of all global resources.
Eradicating Scarcity: The system eliminates the concept of scarcity within society.
Problem-Free Economy: By addressing the root causes of economic issues, the EDS paves the way for a problem-free economic landscape.
Seamless Execution: The EDS facilitates the smooth execution of all societal activities.
Complete Societal Development: The system fosters the comprehensive development of society, marking the foundation of a Smart World

The Establishment of a Smart World.

A Smart World signifies a global community where every nation enjoys:

Complete education
Quality healthcare
Abundant food security
Meaningful employment
Safe housing
Robust infrastructure
Sustainable environment
Thriving businesses
Flourishing trade
Advanced industries
Just laws and regulations
Unwavering freedom and independence
Rich cultural heritage
Fulfilling Everyone’s Goals

The viphil system empowers every entity to achieve its goals:

The United Nations: The UN’s objective of establishing world peace will be fully realized.
Nations: Every country will enjoy positive international relations, effective governance, and overall development.
Businesses: Businesses will achieve maximum production and profitability.
Individuals: Every person will have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life in a secure and comfortable environment, with complete freedom, cultural richness, and access to various amenities.

By joining us on this transformative journey, we can collectively create a smarter and more prosperous world for all.

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